About Us

We are the architects of our own Hollywood. The urban independent community is for the audiences and artists who want to build good stories together.
Our vision is an alternative entertainment site for quality urban family programming. Music, media, tv, and movies. This will grow into a social community for film lovers, film advocates and filmmakers. People in the various film communities we create can network online in one place to both create and celebrate good stories.

We want awareness of the arts and its impact on the community. We are looking to sponsors, advocates and organizations within the local and national communities to support this initiative as it only enhances the brand’s message.

AfterschooL Films via True Artists Recognition (TAR) Networks, LLC. is sincerely developing a network of artists who choose to be part of a platform that has a worldwide audience. An audience that is not only watching the films, but also has an aptitude in the development of filmmaking.

Filmmaker, Mr. Walter Powers’ philosophy is “filmmaking is a community process. All of the top artists must be a part of the film. This is what makes filmmaking such a beautiful art form. It’s much like creating a new world that needs every creative function to complete it.” Powers purports, in ancient times the top artists for any tribe or indigenous group, utilized plays as the tool by which the elders visualize the future they desire. It is the center of this culture and imperative for community function. Each of the four seasons is honored with a play exhibition.

Being an active participant of the filmmaking process should be important for all. We, as both artists and audience members, accept the responsibility to create and protect a place which holds space of a better future. In ancient times the play was the tool and while it is still a mighty one, there is even more power in the film. Trust, being a supporter is just as involved and fun as being an artist. For those interested in the next AfterschooL whether it be in acting, writing, directing, lighting, set designing, grip work, producing, even visual artists – fill out this short form expressing your interest and area of expertise.

If you would like to support the urban independent film movement, please donate. We will reply with a record your gift

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